Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's a masquerade mask my sister in law gave me. She wore it to a ball once, on a cruise in the Mediterranean.
So this was supposed to be the moon.. yes that's right you heard me... the moon. It was a harvest moon this night, and it was so lovely... unfortunately I didn't capture even a quarter of that. :(
Tony bought me a wooden hand mannequin for our anniversary. I stuck a pencil in it's hand. :P
I kinda feel sorry for this person... maybe a bit more than kinda....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Okay. Let me explain. There's this guy who does a @#$%ing hilarious blog called Books of Adam, I simple cannot express how funny this guy is...

He lives in the same area as me, and let's just say if I ever ran into him in the city I would turn into a gibbering fan-girl.

Anyway, I found this picture of him, and the cake he helped make on this site, and I couldn't resist. :P

I'll leave the explanation of the cake its self to him, and the gal who he made this cake with.



I love the look on his face... kinda like..
"Seriously? no shoulders, again?"

Friday, September 9, 2011


Before you scroll down too far. I would like to say that the second picture is pornographic. 
No seriously. 
If you don't approve, that's fine, you don't have to look at it.
It's as simple as that. 
Just don't look. 

I think this was a logo for a company called the "dancing muse". So it's not an original work, but I did like the way it looked.

Yes. It's pornographic. I've never been so blatant about it, but meh. Art is art right?


This actually started as a Mexican dancing hat... but somehow it turned into a pea pod with peas making silly faces. I like the one with fangs. :P
I was watching Glee, and I pause it to draw this gal who was watching Kurt dance and sing. :D
It was supposed to be a ewok, but it looks more like a teddy bear.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't Judge

More back drawings...

Self portrait... kinda.
It was supposed to be Captain Kirk...
Tony posed my mannequin while I was at work, and this is how I found it.
Yes. I drew a picture of a lamp. Don't you judge me. Don't you do it.


I'm WAY behind on the posting... *SHAME*

Simple... didn't take me much time at all, but nice looking none the less.
I was trying a new way to do hair... I'm not so happy with how it turned out.
The date says 8-31-11, but it was really the 30th :P
I like how this guy turned out. His nose it HUGE, but I think it suits him.
I was trying to draw Tony, but I got lazy, and this is as far as I got.