Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I get to thank my daughter for todays drawing. She was playing with some junk mail, ripping it to shreds, and VOILA! I saw this guy. Cute ain't he? I'm very proud of this drawing, except for the shoes.. the lighting on the photo wasn't too great, and the shoes were black, so it was hard to see any detail. Despite that I think it turned out very well!


And here's a close up shot of the face, since I'm so proud of it.


  1. This totally makes me think of Rand al'Thor (from the Wheel of Time) for some reason - might be because it's done in red pencil, not sure. :P Either way, you captured him nicely!

  2. Never read the books... :( I did it in red because if/when I ink it, the red pencil won't scan, and thank you. :)