Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Accidental face

My daughter is almost 2, and she watches a show called "Team Umizumi". I liked the eye style, so I thought I'd try it. I had planned on doing just the eyes, but before I knew it, it had turned into a whole face. *shrug* I could go either way today. I didn't plan the proportions out very well.. so the eyes look nice, but the rest of the face looks a bit off to me. *Meh* You're always your own worst critic right?


  1. Come to think of it... Kinda looks like an alien...

  2. It's quite good. I'm so excited you're tackling the head-on stuff. I love the eyes. The upturned lower lid makes a very nice watery eye effect. The proportions look off to you because the mouth is a bit too low, but that's just because the cheekbones are hidden by the hair and it's hard to judge where the lips should go. Pull some of the hair away from the sides of the face and start defining those cheekbones. You'll see right away where the lips need to be placed.

    Hair looks good. Nice boy hairstyle. :)